Join us at Ventura TRAVEL – a group of specialized travel brands based in Berlin, Germany that unleash the adventurer in every person! 
SAPIO is a unique, sustainable tour operator discovering destinations through food culture, regionality and seasonality. WE organize tours entirely created around the Art(isanry) and Passion for Food. We have our guests sit at the local table.

As our Tour Conductor for SAPIO you will accompany our customers on their culinary discovery tours around the Mediterranean, helping them with linguistic barriers, making them aware of cultural nuances and sensibilizing them for regional and seasonal culinary differences.
As well as making their trip an unforgettable lifetime experience that always ends with an amazing feast! 

Important: Starting date is for the Season 2024.

On daily basis, you will 

  • Serving as SAPIO host, day-to-day guide, interpreter, and manager to a group of Senior travelers (small size 06-12 people) on stationary 4 - 8 day trips.
  • Providing leadership to our travelers and being responsible for their well-being, ensuring their safety and operating a smooth tour.
  • Maintaining the established travel itinerary as closely as possible, making changes only when necessary.
  • Keeping calm even when it gets stressful, acting according to the protocol in special circumstances, and providing flexible solutions on your own.
  • Making sure that the services delivered by our partners, meeting our quality, safety, and sustainability standards.
  • Keeping track of everyday spendings, preserving receipts, and respecting expenses according to the specified trip budget.
  • Treating our guests like friends and making sure their trip with us will be the best possible experience they can have (on the trip they shouldn't feel like customers!).
  • Simply having a good time and sharing it with people from German or English-speaking countries.

The basics you bring along

  • You have an advanced knowledge (C2 level) of German for communication with clients.
  • You are fluent in the local language and/or dialect.
  • You have all the necessary permissions to work as a TC and/or guide (first Aid Certification, CPR and Heimlich maneuver)
  • You have extensive knowledge, passion and sensibility for agricultural, culinary and regional topics of the travel destination and the ability to share this with our guests.
  • You are interested in sustainable, local & true travel.
  • You are of good health, have a lot of energy and a positive attitude (we need TC's who can always handle the daily stresses, both mental and physical, of long and tiring days).
  • You are engaging, reliable and well organized and want to be the friendly, happy and helpful face of SAPIO.
  • You have practical experience using internet, e-mails and google platforms.

You can impress us even more with

  • Advanced English language communication skills (ideally C2+).
  • Previous working experience as a TC.
  • Experience in agriculture or artisan food production, or as a nature guide or chef.
  • You already have ideas for your own culinary discovery tour.
  • You are part of the local community where you will be conducting a tour.

What we promise you

  • Opportunity to participate in further education for Tour conductors within the company.
  • Competitive salary for each tour.
  • Further, career opportunities such as the possibility to become part of the operational team or travel coordinator for our tour guides.
  • International & friendly working environment, with colleagues in Germany, France & Latin America who are a lot more than just co-workers.


Confidentiality & Diversity 

Applications at Ventura TRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software that only grants access to your applications to HR, the Recruiting Manager, and the interviewers. 

It is our commitment that every qualified person will be evaluated according to skills regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, or religion. 

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