As a Human Resources Coordinator based in our office in Mérida you are responsible for the well being of our current employees (by providing and analyzing monthly surveys or simply by having an open ear for managers and their teams), for supporting the managers in finding the right candidates for our vacancies, for ensuring a smooth communication and collaboration throughout all the offices we have and for providing a framework for established and new brands to get all the information they need during the onboarding process and also afterwards. You will take over quarterly projects depending on the goal of the company making sure that we keep on evolving in the right direction. A part from being the HR Coordinator your will also be the Office Manager for Mérida, who ensures that the office life is enjoyable (Team Events, Social Days etc.) and who is in charge of coordinating the different tasks for the office. 

As your Human Resources Coordinator you will report directly to the Human Resources Director, based in Berlin and work closely together with our other Coordinator - Marcia - based in La Paz, Bolivia and our new HR-vMember that we are looking for in Medellin, Colombia. 

The basics you bring along

  • A proactive and open minded attitude
  • Even in times of stress you keep calm and see the positive side of life 
  • An independent work-style
  • A high social intelligence and passion to work with people
  • great organizational skills
  • ability to handle emotional tough situations and always seeking to find solutions for it
  • sense of responsibility towards colleagues and your own tasks 
  • strong communication skills, both internally and externally
  • good knowledge of English and Spanish
  • knowledge or openness for techy things (GSuite, To Do Software, Google Drive, efficient online communication)
  • A mexican passport or alternatively a permanent working visa
  • prior experience in the Human Resources field in a dynamic environment would be a plus 

You can impress us even more with 

  • In depth experience in Recruiting (Seeding & Interviewing)
  • Experience in setting up in company wide communication strategies and organisation / project planning standards 
  • Experience in managing the Onboarding / Training Plan of newbies throughout different offices 
  • French skills and / or German skills 

What awaits you in your new job

  • Improving the knowledge Management 
  • Responsible for a smooth recruiting & onboarding process
  • Helping managers to improve in their recruiting and in the search for new employees
  • Conducting interviews for all kind of positions 
  • You are the first contact person for our employees in Mexico.
  • Office Management in our Merida Office
  • Support in analyzing the satisfaction survey of your employees
  • Maintaining and updating our contract database
  • Making sure that our vMembers feel good by helping organizing events, social days etc.
  • Quarterly changing responsibilities for new projects according to the needs in HR

What we promise you

  • Freedom to be creative in achieving results
  • International & friendly working environment
  • Quarterly Social Days and Team Events
  • Work out of other offices in the ventura network around the world
  • Opportunity to constantly learn and grow
  • We care about the well being of your employees (regular O3, satisfaction surveys etc.)
  • Yearly 3-week-offsite, if we achieve our goals
  • Option to work partly from other offices (Berlin, La Paz, Cuzco, Medellin) 
  • Participation in the overall company's profits
  • 21 days of vacations per year 
  • Visit our Career Page to get more insights to our office life  

About Us
We are a Travel Service Developer. We are a global network of tourism experts, who create, launch and support highly specialized, individually branded travel services. All our services are led by passionate intrapreneurs with an extraordinary travel expertise. By providing financial support, IT, marketing and other services, Ventura Travel allows its brands to focus on their individual core competence while having a highly competitive infrastructure. Our goal: our travel hub replaces ordinary touristic products with authentic travel experiences created by passionate specialists.

You are looking for job you love and at the same time you come up to our requirements, are enthusiastic about the responsibilities for this position and on top of that share our values? Then we are looking forward to receiving your application in English.


Confidentiality & Diversity 
Applications at Ventura TRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software which only grants access to your applications to HR, the Recruiting Manager and the interviewers. 

It is our commitment that every qualified person will be evaluated according to skills regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, or religion.

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