As a vSocial Foundation volunteer, you will be part of an organization that believes in solidarity and collective work to improve the quality of life for many people around the world. You will be able to share your life experiences with communities that are working for the local development of their territories. You can be part of teams of rural and indigenous community organizations and also learn from their cultures. Your work will be focused on some specific tasks that will be arranged with the community in which you would volunteer and thus be able to achieve milestones for the project during the  length of your stay. 

As a volunteer, you will report both to the community project where you volunteer and to the VSF coordinator. Your work team will be all the people of the community project, who will treat you as one more member of the family. You will be received in a family accommodation, so the immersion is absolute. The learnings will be day to day, and it will surely change your life, just like you to the members of the project that you would support.

Your main responsibilities will be

  • Develop an independent volunteer plan with achievable goals for length of time at the project.
  • Write reports on the progress of volunteering and proposals to improve our impact on communities.
  • Comply with the goals that are agreed with the community project.
  • Carry out a few hours of work per week to be agreed with the community project.
  • Always be proactive to improve the capabilities of the community project.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of the territory where you volunteer
  • Connect with diverse organizational and institutional actors that allow the project to advance in the best way.
  • Keep the project coordinator and the foundation informed about the progress of the project.

The basics that you bring along 

  • Average skills of the Spanish language
  • Sincere interest in contributing your knowledge to one of the projects we have in Latin America.
  • Desire to learn from other cultures.
  • Willingness to perform various jobs in the community where you volunteer.
  • Be willing to lead a proposal to support the community project and be autonomous to achieve the proposed goals.
  • Very good skills to communicate and interact with others.

What we promise you

  • Confidence that you will do a good job in the community project
  • Direct contact with the project to define the goals of volunteering.
  • Assistance for you to get good accommodation that guarantees safety and tranquility
  • Support from the foundation coordinator, so you can achieve your goals.
  • Opportunity to publish your experiences to share them with the world and make your results visible.
  • Participation in the activities of each of the community projects.
The placement for volunteer work by vSocial is free of charge!
If this sounds exciting for you, then we look forward to receiving your application! 
Please remember to write your CV and cover letter in Spanish. 


Frequently asked questions: 
I am interested in a volunteer position, where can I get information about your projects?
First, there is general information about our projects at: 
If you then click on a specific project under the respective country, you can find out more about the possible areas of responsibility under the heading Volunteer work.
What happens after my application documents have been sent?
After submitting your application, we will check whether the position is available and whether your profile meets the job requirements. If we can say yes to both, we will invite you to an interview on Skype within a week. After this discussion, we will contact the project management. They will then decide whether you can get involved in the project and, if necessary, will invite you to a second interview, where all further details will be discussed. Even if a cooperation is not possible, you will get feedback from us. 
Is there a minimum or maximum age?
The minimum age for a volunteer position varies from project to project and ranges from 18 to 25 years. There is no maximum age with us! The projects have already had good experiences with volunteers between 65 and 70 years of age.
For how long can I apply to you?
As the minimum length of stay varies from project to project, and we have no closing date, we receive applications all year round. Please note that the long summer holidays in South America take place between December and February and that no volunteer positions in the school projects can be filled during this time.
How much will I have to pay?
The costs vary from project to project. The volunteer is responsible for the organisation of insurance, flights, accommodation, food, visa and other organisational matters, as well as for personal safety. We recommend that you take out an international health insurance, including repatriation.
Unfortunately, we cannot pay for the work done on volunteer or internship positions. We do not charge a fee for the placement of a vacancy, so at least you will not incur any costs for this.

Confidentiality & Diversity 

Applications at Ventura TRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software that only grants access to your applications to HR, the Recruiting Manager, and the interviewers. 

It is our commitment that every qualified person will be evaluated according to skills regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, or religion.

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